NEM (XEM) Cryptocurrency Economic Model and General Information

What does it do?

NEM is the Smart Asset blockchain for managing data.

Key Features

  • Consensus mechanism and Supernode program ensure that NEM is open, public and can grow with no impact on throughput or stability
  • Existing business logic code can easily use blockchain where it’s strongest
  • Smart Asset system allows modular customization for virtually any application.
  • Eigentrust++ and an incentivized public node network based on its two-tier architecture makes NEM a secure and stable platform

General information

Company Foundation Ltd
Incorporation dateDecember 1, 2016
Incorporation Address57, Mohamed Sultan Road#01-05Sultan-LinkSingapore, 238997

Economic details

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Crypto CurrencyPrice (Euro)24H % Change

Initial Funding & Distribution
Token TypeCryptocurrency
Total Supply Given Away/Sold to Initial Stakeholder8 999 999 999 XEM was distributed to initial stakeholders and to several multi-signature secured funds
Total Amount RaisedInitial fund raising = 66.2 BTC + 419,697 NXT (minus some refund)
Price During the Crowdsalen/a
Hard Capn/a
Token Distribution73.84% (6 645 719 692 XEM) were claimed by stakers
26.16% (2 354 280 307 XEM) were unclaimed and transferred to Sustainability Fund
Sustainability Fund (Unclaimed Stakes) Distribution37% NEM Sustainable Ecosystem Loop Fund (NEMSELF)
14% Mobile Application and NCC Development
13% Community Fund
9% NIS Node Rewards
9% Silver Coins for Distribution to Stakeholders
9% Unconventional Marketing
9% Operational Costs Fund II
Distribution of Funds raisedno info
Call for Participation DateOctober 4, 2014

Social Media


President & Head of North AmericaAlexandra Tinsman
Executive SecretaryJason Lee
Treasurer / Head of Middle EastDona Rinon
Council Member / CofounderJeff McDonald
Founding MemberLon Wong
Founding MemberKailin O'Donnell
Founding MemberErik Van Himbergen
Founding MemberLeon Yeoh
Founding MemberKristof Van de Reck
Founding MemberRonel Li
Founding MemberKen Chan
Founding MemberClayton Bittle


Total number of Commits11 276 Commits (32 Repositories)


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Potential market and clients

The potential in growth depends on how high the demand of digitizing assets will be in the future.

Utility and economic dynamics

  • Fees for transactions are paid in XEM
  • User must hold at least 10 000 XEM in order to harvest(earn interest)