Custom cryptocurrency trading bots service

We have been building bots for ourselves for a long time and accumulated significant infrastructure and experience in this field. Now we are offering to build custom trading bots to anyone who might be interested.

Key difference between Kaiserex bot building service and an ordinary programmer doing it

  • We have a deep understanding of cryptocurrency trading and markets

It takes years to acquire enough trading knowledge and an ordinary programmer will build you exactly what you ask for without offering any shortcuts or saving time on useless strategies that are guaranteed to fail. Even when you know exactly what you are doing it is a lengthy and time consuming process.

Most popular automated trading problems

  1. Rate limits
  2. Slippage
  3. Wash trading
  4. Stop runs
  5. Front running
  6. Price gaps
  7. Wallet maintenance
  8. etc.

We are familiar with all of these obstacles and will help you save precious time and navigate around them.

Types of bots we can build

  • Arbitrage(regular, statistical, 3way) bots
  • Market making bots
  • Bots based on any signal you may have
  • Bots watching real time fundamental or technical indicators
  • Options trading bots
  • Data mining bots
  • Back-testing(forward walk, out of sample, Monte Carlo) bots
  • etc.

All of the bots will have simple and convenient management interface, such as managing them through telegram chat, sms or web interface.

Types of data we can acquire

  • Real time unconfirmed transactions on the blockchain
  • Historical secondly data
  • Movements of cryptocurrency from/to exchanges wallets
  • Trollbox or social media data
  • etc.

Supported exchanges

We support 50+ cryptoccurency exchanges and can integrate any exchange that has an api.

How to start?

Once you have strategy you want to automate, contact us and we will set up a meeting or a call to discuss further steps.

Risk of revealing your strategy

We ourselves are very protective of our own strategies and understand the concerns our Clients might have when revealing theirs. When ordering a bot you can go around revealing your full strategy by not telling exact specific parameters and leaving them adjustable once you run it on your own privately. In that case no one else will know your exact strategy. For example if you are using moving averages, rsi or some other parameters, you can simply leave out timeframes(make them configurable) and it will become extremely hard to recreate your original strategy.

Turnaround time and prices

Depending on pending order quantity, we will usually develop simple bots within a week. Price for a simple strategy automation starts from 1000 EUR.

Support after delivery

2 months after initial delivery we will fix any bugs that might arise and answer any questions you may have within 1-2 working days. Additional features will be charged an hourly rate agreed at the beginning of the contract.


We do not sell our trading strategies or create them for the Client. This service is solely for the ones who have a strategy and want to automate it.

Building a profitable trading bot is extremely difficult and time consuming job. 95% of the time is usually consumed properly back-testing the strategy. Back-tests can show profitability and work terribly in live trading conditions. We recommend that you come with a well thought out and properly back-tested strategy to make the last step of automating it an enjoyable experience.