Ethereum (ETH) Cryptocurrency Economic Model and General Information

What does it do?

Ethereum is an open-source, public, blockchain-based distributed computing platform and operating system featuring smart contract functionality.

Key Features

  • Enables tokenization
  • Platform for trustless crowdsales
  • Allows creation of democratic autonomous organizations
  • Platform for building decentralized applications

General information

Company NameEthereum Switzerland GmbH
Incorporation date2014
Incorporation AddressGrienbachstrasse 55 Baar, 6340

Economic details

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Crypto CurrencyPrice (Euro)24H % Change

Initial Funding & Distribution
Token TypeUtility Token
Total Supply Sold60 000 000 ETH (+12M ETH were premined)
Total Amount Raised18 000 000 USD (lost 6M USD due to tumble in BTC price).
Price During the Crowdsale0.30 USD
Hard Capn/a
Token Distribution83.33% Crowdsale (60M ETH)
4.17% Ethereum Foundation (3M ETH)
8.33% 85 contributors (6M ETH)
4.17% "Developer purchase program" (3M ETH)
Distribution of Funds raised300k USD legal fees
210k USD interest rate on loans
Crowdsale (a.k.a. cryptofuel) DateJuly 22, 2014
ETH supply projection after 2019 is based on current ETH emission rate of 2 ETH every 14s
Top 100 Holders Collectively Own 32.58% (34,080,946.64 Tokens) of ETH.

Social Media


Co-founderVitalik Buterin
Co-founderMihai Alisie
Co-founderAnthony Di Iorio
Co-founderGavin Wood
Co-founderJeffrey Wilcke
Co-founderJoseph Lubin
Attorney at Law & Notary PublicPatrick Storcheneggern/a
Executive DirectorAyako Miyaguchi


Total number of Commits197935 Commits (191 Repositories)


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Potential market and clients

Ethereum growth depends on the ICO market, popularity of decentralized applications and future usage of smart contracts. Ethereum has many highly qualified competitors with just as sophisticated technologies empowering them. This makes business development side as important as the technology itself.

Utility and economic dynamics

  • Payment of gas
  • Transfer of value