Kyber Network (KNC) Cryptocurrency Economic Model and General Information

What does it do?

Kyber is an on-chain liquidity protocol that aggregates liquidity from a wide range of reserves, powering instant and secure token exchange in any decentralized application.

Key Features

  • Kyber Network’s protocol is Platform-agnostic which means that any application or protocol may be powered by their liquidity network
  • Instant settlement and no transaction uncertainty
  • Ease of integration with different applications
  • On-chain and fully transparent

General information

Incorporation date13/07/2017
Incorporation Address8 EU TONG SEN STREET
SINGAPORE (059818)

Economic details

Initial Funding & Distribution
Token TypeERC-20
Total Supply Sold138 000 000 KNC
Total Amount Raised52 000 000 USD
Price During the Crowdsale0.38 USD
Hard Cap46 000 000 USD (raised 13% more)
Token Distribution61.06% Public
19.47% Company
19.47% Founders/Advisors/Seed Investors
Funds Distribution50% Reserve (26M USD)
30% Development (15.6M USD)
10% Legal/Mark (5.2M USD)
10% Operations (5.2M USD)
Crowdsale DateSeptember 16, 2017
Top 100 Holders Collectively Own 83.80% (180,404,563.47 Tokens) of KyberNetwork.
This chart does not account for burned KNC tokens(from collected exchange fees) in the future.

Social Media


Co-founder & CEOLoi Luu
Co-founder & CTOYaron Velner
Co-founder & Head of DevelopmentVictor Tran
CFOMyra Lohn/a


Total number of Commits11 425 Commits (32 Repositories)


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Potential market and clients

The potential depends on the trust of centralized exchanges because they directly compete with decentralized exchange protocols, such as Kyber Network. Market will decide if it needs more autonomous exchange solutions or simply rely on some well managed centralized exchanges. The main clients that need access to liquidity are individuals, DApps, vendors, payment gateways, decentralized funds.

Utility and economic dynamics

  • KNC tokens are required to operate as reserves because they are paid to the network as fees.
  • Projects that have integrated Kyber can earn a commission as part of the fee sharing program for directing trades from their platforms.
  • The remaining fees collected (after paying for the operation expenses and distribution for the fee sharing program) are burnt.