Macro View at Crypto Market: DECEMBER


United States

Two congressmen in a joint statement introduced bills regarding cryptocurrencies: Virtual Currency Consumer Protection Act and Virtual Currency Market and Regulatory Competitiveness Act.


G20 Countries have signed a joint declaration in Buenos Aires, where it promises to regulate cryptocurrency market.


Published a draft report which outlined the new framework for cryptocurrencies.

Market capitalization

On the 1st of December 129 683 671 168 USD were held in the crypto market (according to coinmarketcap data).
On the 31st of December the market cap was 130 572 350 196 USD.
The amount of the capital remained at the same level with a slight 0.69% increase.


On 27th December ongoing hack attacks against Electrum wallet were reported. Commentators stated that this phishing attack managed to steal around 200 BTC.

Crypto market performance comparison to other assets

S&P 500-10.16%
Crude Oil WTI-14.24%
Gold Futures3.36%
US 10Y Bond-9.44%
Crypto Market-2.79%

Source: Calculation does not include data on weekends and holiday days.


 BitcoinS&P 500Crude Oil WTIGold FuturesUS 10Y BondCrypto Market
S&P 500-0.421
Crude Oil WTI-0.540.931
Gold Futures0.46-0.76-0.851
US 10Y Bond-0.400.850.89-0.891
Crypto Market0.74-0.32-0.490.48-0.381

Source: Calculations are done by using daily prices during December and do not include data on weekends and holiday days.




The total number of ICOs completed in December was 151 (66.89% have not published the results). The total amount raised is equivalent to 268 917 179 USD.

This graph does not include ICOs that raised less than 100 000 USD.

In comparison to November, ICOs raised approx. 43.95% less and the total number of ICOs was 18.38% lower (according to data gathered by us in November).


The market capitalization remained at the same level. Regulations are implemented slowly and still causes a lot of uncertainty. The total market capitalization increased by 0.69% while  Bitcoin outperformed S&P 500 by 5.33%. ICO market experienced a slow down in growth, 151 ICOs launched and raised 43.95% less capital (in comparison to November).