Kaiserex trading platform upgrades and feedback request

We are currently improving Kaiserex trading platform and adding new features.

New features already added:

  • Price change toleration – You are able to set tolerated price change in % from current market price when placing an order.

Upcoming new features during next 30 days:

  • Account history export
  • Emergency notification/advisory service(paid 0.1 BTC for 6 months or activated by trading volume over 100.000 EUR for 6 months)
  • Recommended crypto portfolio

Multiple new coins are under consideration to be listed.

Let us know your opinion regarding our services and your investing experience with us. If you want to see some specific new features or coins to be added to Kaiserex please share as well, we might be able to add them too.

We greatly appreciate your feedback and look forward to improving the overall system and trading experience